Functions and advantages of the system (for consumers and foreign buyers)


Under the Hokkaido HACCP hygiene self-management certification system, the Registered Evaluation Agency conducts evaluation based on the manager’s application, and provides the evaluation results to check whether the facility or food meets the requirements. Under this system, a Certification Review Committee organized by experts reviews and certifies the hygiene self-management implemented by food business managers in Hokkaido.

  • Foods subject to certification are those produced and processed in Hokkaido.
  • Related companies must implement Hygiene HACCP-based management (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method.
  • Advanced hygiene management implemented by related companies must meet certain evaluation items in HACCP hygiene management formulated by the Hokkaido government.

Certified facilities and food will be publicized by the Hokkaido government, and related products can be marked with certification marks. In addition, this certification needs to be renewed every three years, so this certification can confirm that the company has continued to carry out advanced hygiene management.


Please use safe and secure certified facilities and food.

When choosing food, consumers have no way of knowing under which hygiene management the food is produced. Hokkaido HACCP hygiene self-management certification system certifies the production process that has implemented advanced hygiene management, providing consumers with peace of mind and safety.

For foreign buyers

The Hokkaido HACCP hygiene self-management certification system was established in 2007, and it combines the HACCP method.
In response to the requirement of compulsory HACCP in the recently revised Food Hygiene Law, we reviewed the evaluation items and created optional items for export.
Please consider Hokkaido HACCP certified foods for overseas transactions.

What is HACCP

HACCP is a hygiene control method when preparing food.
It was developed to ensure food safety and is widely used worldwide as an international health management method.
Hygiene management based on the HACCP method will clarify the things that may harm human health in each production process and take corresponding measures.
Concentrating on hygiene management for the important parts of the process will ensure the production of safe food.